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a.tofu.surprise is an Instagram page dedicated to mostly vegetarian cooking inspiration and events, targeting predominantly young women in Vienna and beyond. The page provides inspiration for meals from a variety of cuisines and also highlights seasonal produce and sustainable choices. Over the past year @a.tofu.surprise has moved from strictly cooking content to also hosting in-person events where followers can attend intimate community gatherings known as “supperclubs” - a place where strangers turn into friends over a three course meal. The page explores how good food is not only an act of self care, but community care.

Über mich

Chanelle, the creator of @a.tofu.surprise, is based in Vienna, Austria. Her international upbringing and travels inspire the food she cooks, and her childhood interests in cooking shows and plating food first drew her to Instagram. Aside from her day job, Chanelle spends her free time focusing on community where she hosts intimate supperclub events to bring together strangers for unique three course meals. Through her page, she encourages the sharing of food as a modern love language.

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