ACV chili paste 🌶️


Chanelle Bonnici




This chili paste gets kick from it’s fermentation and apple cider vinegar which adds both taste and best preservation qualities. Good on pizza, meats, eggs, and sandwiches, it’s a level up from your standard hot sauce.


habanero chilis, fresno chilis, salt, apple cider vinegar, garlic

Zubereitung oder Anleitung

Wash and weigh your chilis and add to a clean jar. Fill the rest of the jar with water and take note of the total weight. Add 3% of the weight in salt and mix well until the salt is dissolved. Making sure the chilis are completely submerged in the brine, close the jar tightly and allow to ferment at room temperature for approximately 7 days, until the liquid is slightly cloudy and bubbles appear. Transfer the chilis and half the brine to a highspeed blender and add garlic cloves to taste, and 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to add acidity and brightness. Transfer to a clean jar and keep in the fridge.

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